A little information about this site and how it started.

In The Beginning

This started with a few old advertising posters I acquired. Most were in a very used state so I digitally restored them to make them printable. I think the first one was the Exide Batteries poster. This had been drawn on and had stains and scratches that had to be fixed.
The more I saw of old posters the more I loved the designs and gradually built up a selection of digitally reworked prints. This was very much a Labour of Love as some can take up to a weeks solid work, even some that at first glance look easy are often not so. Many times I have wished I could use a brush or french curve instead of a mouse.

Posters On This Site

Here is a selection of Vintage advertising posters to peruse including designs by some of the best art nouveau and art deco artists.

View All Images

In this section I have included many images that I do not have available as prints. These show designs by many different artists and are here just for your enjoyment. There are still many more to add when I get the time. Some are available but to view only ones I can supply as prints you need to select View Stock Images. This is the default setting.

Posters and Prints For Sale

These are digitally reworked images of vintage posters These are affordable reproductions of vintage posters that are rare and hard to acquire elsewhere. There are more expensive and some higher quality prints out there, but mine have been reworked to produce good quality reproductions.
The Art Prints are done on a laser printer and have been reworked to print up to 32 x 45 cms which is as large as I can economically produce them at present. Some, but not all, could be printed larger. If you would like a larger version of any please get in touch and I will give you a quote
The larger range of prints are printed on Satin Photo paper with high quality pigment inks which have a theoretical life of 85+ years.
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