Art Deco Facts: How Is It Any Different from Other Forms?

Tamara De Lempicka Blue Scarf You may have noticed that many buildings and architectural works nowadays possess a combination of French and English aesthetic decorative styles. Known as Art Deco, this design emerged during the interwar period and extends up to this day.

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Although this is also a form of art, it is very different from others. For one, it uses soft colours and luxurious styles to reflect on the enthusiasm and prosperity of the said era. It is also usually characterised by angular and linear patterns, which is highly visible in many vintage-inspired landmarks and edifices as well as famous paintings and classic vehicles.

Because of its uniqueness and attractiveness, it has also become popular to the post-war society, particularly in the business world. In fact, posters used to promote brands, events, and products are now embellished with classical yet elegant prints.

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Fri 18 October 2019
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