Graphic Design Tips for Appealing and Effective Print Ads

Despite the popularity of various digital media, print remains to be an effective means for marketing a business. Not only do print ads grab and retain attention better than digital ads, they also provide a cheap way to boost brand awareness and draw in customers. Unfortunately, many marketers are blind to the power of print. But now that you know their importance, it will be foolhardy not to include them in your marketing mix.

As a note though, you have to nail the perfect graphic design that will convey your message to create effective print ads. To do this, keep these basic rules in mind:

Less (copy) is more

Two seconds are all you have to grab people's attention with your Aura Print vinyl banners, and creating a visual with too much text will not help you do that. Filling your poster with many details is the easiest way for it to land in the rubbish bin, as most people tend to disregard adverts that are too much to read. Print ads these days are all about showing or stirring curiosity, and not telling. Take it from Zig's vintage advertising posters, which portray creative yet simple visuals that convey their intended messages clearly. While graphic design has come a long way, these iconic posters show that simplicity is the key to an effective graphic design. To encourage engagement, use an interesting image with a catchy headline to make people think about your message. Add a few essential details, such as your web address or social media pages, so they will know where to find you and learn more about your business.

Output quality

Many business owners opt to have their company logo done by an amateur graphic designer to save a few bucks or they go with cheap printing solutions to produce more advertising materials. As tempting as this idea might seem, you always get what you pay for, not to mention the quality of your print ads will help form people's first impressions of your business. If you hand out posters or brochures of poor quality, there’s a big chance potential customers will think your products or services are inferior as well. So, whatever type of print ad you're planning to use, ensure the quality of its design and printed output by getting the help of experts.

Here are more experts that can help you with your marketing strategies:

Image selection

Sometimes, a good photo is all an ad needs to catch the attention of its target audience, and it's not always an obvious representation of a brand. Print ads that stick in the memory bank are those that stir the emotion of viewers or invoke a reaction from them. It can be anything from serious to silly or even bizarre. The perfect image tells your story without being straightforward, which is what makes it engaging. Just ask those who’ve experienced success stories with the crown seals by Interpack.

Image colour

If you know the colour psychology in logo design, you'll know how important your choice of hue in your visuals is. In fact, a certain shade of a colour evokes a specific mood in a person, which is why designers take time to choose their palette. For instance, yellow-red combination of McDonald's is perfect for a food chain as yellow evokes warmth and happiness, while red stimulates your appetite.

While creativity is important to make your graphic design unique, it is extremely difficult to create a print ad that is worth your money and worth the while of your audience without applying the basic rules. In other words, keep your creative juices running, but stick to what works. You could also seek the expertise of companies such as Market Force in determining what strategies will work best for your company.


Sat 26 May 2018
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