What Makes Collecting Vintage Posters a Rewarding Pursuit

The adage, “Old is gold,” holds true for vintage items. The more years they have in them, the higher their value is, making them an object of desire for collectors and investors alike. Among the best examples of collector's items are old advertising prints. Vintage posters have this unique ability to attract attention and tell stories through fascinating pictorial presentations. In a way, they also serve as a reflection of history in certain eras, which essentially gives them value and beauty. There is something about the bold hues and artistic brush strokes that characterise vintage posters.

Now, here are just some reasons why collecting these items makes a rewarding pursuit:

1. They are perfect accent pieces to modern interior design.

A lot of people outgrow their fondness of posters right after they go through the transition into the real world. However, vintage posters are not just eye candy for college dorms or teens' rooms. Nowadays, interior designers and homeowners alike use old posters to bring in colour, contrast and personality to a contemporary room. For instance, a simple, neutral kitchen can be made more interesting by incorporating shocks of vivid colours from posters of fruits, utensils, cereals and the like. In entertainment rooms, you could feature a single old billboard poster in the same hue as the dominant colour of furnishings to create a unique focal point.

2. They can serve as a form of self-expression.

Whether you are an avid vintage poster collector or not, in some way, you will be drawn to pieces that emulate your interests and art sensibilities. With this artistic pursuit, you can come up with a collection of similar subjects and styles over time. Then, you can pull everything together to create a hodge-podge of captivating images that tell stories much like your own. You could feature these posters in your private space to provide inspiration and motivation.

3. They provide timeless wisdom.

Some vintage food posters and old commercial signs share lessons that are relevant among generations. Not only are they admired for their artistic appeal but also for their inspiring messages.

When buying vintage collectibles, take some time to learn about the artists and the market. To help you determine the value of a vintage poster, you would want to check its rarity, popularity, history and physical condition. With this, you can be sure of getting value for money with the authentic selection on Zig's Vintage Posters.

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Sat 26 May 2018
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